Think7 is driven by a revolutionary vision of creating Smart and Connected Factories. As a products company, we attempt to provide a series of innovative automation solutions that enable smart factories, build a seamless network of connected plants and resources that simplify and are well integrated to deliver customer delight.

Strongly built to optimise manufacturing, Think7 proposition demonstrates:

  • A passion and commitment to provide Industry 4.0 solutions along with an experience which has simplify at its core.
  • A deep sense of understanding of customer requirements.
  • Commitment to long standing client and partner relationships.
  • An innovative mindset focused on providing proactive solutions.
  • Customer sensitivity driving us to enhance customer experience each time.

Our customers are using our products to drive their Industry 4.0 initiatives for paperless and digital shop floors, condition based monitoring, online OEE and process control and more.

Zubin Jagtiani

Zubin Jagtiani

Co-founder & CEO

Sales, Operations & Product

Zubin has a passion for creating new & exciting things and with his over 15 years of experience in setting up and running an automotive component manufacturing business undoubtedly makes Zubin our Subject Matter Expert and Product Management Head. A firm believer in offering simple solutions, he advocates this across many industry forum. He also heads Sales and Marketing at Think7 along with being responsible for overall business activities. Zubin is a cycling enthusiast and used to run a cycling tourism company. He has to his credit inventions like India’s first Solar Powered Electric Car, Self Balancing Bike, and an Air Engine

Raghu Shenoy

Raghu Shenoy

Co-founder & CTO

R&D, Technology & Solutions

Throw a technology challenge at Raghu and he will have an innovative solution right back at you. This obsession has created successful software products for global companies. Heading the Product Development and Customer Support at Think7, his 25+ years of experience is highlighted with many customer projects including creating innovative software and hardware solutions addressing shop floor challenges. Extremely well organised, he is an avid reader and carries along a passion to travel and cook.

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